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Now that my hair has turned to silver, and some silver to white, I have more time to do some things.

In a bit of good fortune I live now within a 90 minute drive of where John Golding (b.1635-1640) lived at Gloucester, Virginia and just one hour from where William Golding (1704-1782) lived at Orange in Orange County, Virginia before moving much of his family to South Carolina.

My family research started in the late 1970s but I quit in the late 1990s due to hitting a brick wall on identifying my grandfather Green Golden. Due to new tools, databases and much more information being available,  I renewed my family research as of April 2013 and have been ever so glad that I did.

I very much look forward to exchanging notes, thoughts,  and ideas on Goldings, Goldens, Gouldings (G-Folk) of all origins.

William David Golden

1956 until the coffee runs out

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>> This is the story of Marion Quedlas Golding and Lois Hamblin's descendants. Has MANY family stories !!

>> This branch descends from the line of William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775)

Marion Quedlas Golding
BIRTH 29 JUL 1887 • Monroe, Sevier, Utah
DEATH 26 MAR 1965 • Price, Carbon, Utah

Lois Hamblin
BIRTH 19 AUG 1895 • Alpine, Apache, Arizona
DEATH 1 DEC 1966 • Price, Carbon, Utah
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Charles Otis Golden, 1876–1944

Born at 11 Mar 1876, near Rock Cave, Upshur Co., West Virginia, and passed away 25 Aug 1944 at Rifle, Colorado.

Descended from Addison Benton or Addison Berton Golden (1849–1900), son of Moses Ray Golden (1802–1894).

Served from 1904-1912 in the 27th Infantry Division, Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Left the Army with the rank of Sergeant.

YDNA testing is being done on this specific line. Results should be available in mid-July 2016.
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Moses Ray Golden (1802-1894) -- YDNA Testing

>>> We now have a male descendant that has agreed to take a YDNA test. Test results should be available by mid-July 2016.

??? Many family histories say that Moses Ray Golden was the grandson of Jacob Golden, Sr. (1756-1779) who was married to Mary Ann Adams (1758-1853), and the son of Jacob Golden, Jr. (1780-1855) and Elsie Elizabeth Starr (1781-1837).

Per family lore, Moses' mother Elsie was a pure Cherokee who could speak no English, and she was taken away and died on the Trail of Tears banishment to Oklahoma.

This YDNA test will not resolve whether Elsie was a Cherokee although an Ancestry DNA test probably could do that. Starr was a common name among Cherokee in the area.

>>> The 'History of Upshur County, West Virginia' says however that Moses Ray Golden's grandparents were William and Nellie Golden. They were mentioned as grandparents when the marriage of Moses Ray to Rebecca Bell Rittenhouse (1806-1900) was recorded in the book.

The name Moses would fit well with the other names chosen by William and Nellie for their sons: Abraham, Isaac, and Nathaniel -- while Nathaniel is a biblical name his name is undoubtedly a twofer: accomplishes two things with doing just one thing. Nathanael Greene was an extremely popular and important general during the American Revolution responsible for leading forces against the British in South Carolina.
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Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family HistoryThe History of Upshur County, West Virginia is available as a free Google book at

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