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Now that my hair has turned to silver, and some silver to white, I have more time to do some things.

In a bit of good fortune I live now within a 90 minute drive of where John Golding (b.1635-1640) lived at Gloucester, Virginia and just one hour from where William Golding (1704-1782) lived at Orange in Orange County, Virginia before moving much of his family to South Carolina.

My family research started in the late 1970s but I quit in the late 1990s due to hitting a brick wall on identifying my grandfather Green Golden. Due to new tools, databases and much more information being available,  I renewed my family research as of April 2013 and have been ever so glad that I did.

I very much look forward to exchanging notes, thoughts,  and ideas on Goldings, Goldens, Gouldings (G-Folk) of all origins.

William David Golden

1956 until the coffee runs out

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Family History / As a family historian of multiple Golden, Golding and Goulden lines, I am always learning something new about history and people.
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Best wishes for Fathers Day!

You have gone forth and multiplied. In the USA there are 57,254 Goldens (2010) ... there are 704 William Goldens (am partial to this name) and 940 John Goldens. These have competed for 1st and 2nd place probably ever since someone was named Golden.

Curious how many have your name? Go to:

Gaulden = 1,149 ... Gaulding = 428 ... Golding = 6,061 ... Goulden = 778 ... Goulding = 2,716
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Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family History shared a photo.

World War II -- almost 1900 Goldens served. The National Archives has now made portions of their military service records available online.
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Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family HistoryU.S. Army Service - World War II 36 Gauldens 28 Gauldings 1900 Goldens 176 Goldings 24 Gouldens 88 Gouldings Find their service records here:

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Kathy GouldingMy dad was in WWII in the navy

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Golden family history -- I keep a private file on 'Crime, Courts and Goldens'. Below is an incident which can now be discussed in public.

>>> 1758 James Goulding – Virginia – Accused at The King’s Court (Rex) of swearing in public. Legal outcome: Defendant told that he could protest the charge “at Defendant’s cost”. Not recorded how it turned out. My assumption is that he paid the @*#S^! fine and went on his way.
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